This letter is to express our SINCERE APPRECIATION for all of the hard work, professionalism, and attention to detail that Tammy Budd has put forth in representing us in our recent condo purchase in Toronto. When we first met Tammy we discussed our specific criteria for the property and she not only found exactly what we were looking for, but exceeded our expectations in the value she delivered professionally and intrinsically.  

From the start, Tammy showed us that she was in a class of her own. Throughout this whole process, Tammy has become a good friend and we feel very lucky to have her as part of our extended family.

Having always lived in a house we had very little concept of condo living.  Tammy not only educated us in nuances of condo living but helped us along the way to become established.  The communication process was also very difficult since we were still living in the United States and communication mode was restrictive.  She overcame all the difficulties and helped us with issues that were above and beyond her responsibilities.

My wife Snigdha and I felt compelled to write this informal letter of appreciation.  When compliments are made as part of conversations their importance seems to dilute the intention of the mention.  So we send you this note to remind you just how much we appreciate your help. 

Snigdha & I thank you for your generosity and “pure class”.

Susanta & Snigdha Datta

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